Foldy v Standard Trailer

So you are interested in buying a new trailer, but want to weigh up the options between the Foldy Trailer and a standard trailer. That’s why we’ve compiled a short list of pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Standard v Foldy trailer

Space Saving

The Foldy Trailer unlike a standard trailer, is ideal due to its space saving quality. Our Foldy’s unique folding mechanism makes it easy to store away, taking up minimal space in your garage. A standard trailer cannot offer this major advantage and will occupy valuable space in your garage which could be used for other purposes. It will continue to take up this space until you need to use it. Meanwhile, the Foldy Trailer will only take up a small footprint of 140cm by 37cm and stands 195cm tall against your garage walls allowing you to park your car alongside the trailer or to utilise the valuable garage space for other purposes such as DIY and/or storage.

Folded Footprint


Another inherent advantage of the Foldy Trailer’s unique folding mechanism is that it can be safely stored behind closed doors, away from opportunist thieves who might be passing by. Regardless of trailer locks and wheel clamps, skilled thieves can steal a trailer from your driveway or garden within minutes.

Trailer crime has increased over the past couple of years, with many gangs targeting farm trailers more and more. For example, in the county of Dorset, police revealed that 21 trailers were stolen from farms in 2018 and more than 13 were recorded stolen up until September in 2018.

While safely storing your Foldy Trailer behind closed doors significantly reduces the chance of theft, there is still the chance it might be stolen when parked temporarily outside or when left attached to your towing vehicle. In the unfortunate event your Foldy Trailer is stolen, you will need to provide the police with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to aid in its identification and recovery. we also ask you to inform us of the theft so that we have a record of it as well, so that we can take the appropriate action should someone in the future require product support and/or service for that stolen product.

Furthermore, we maintain a backup record of your Foldy’s VIN. So if you or the police ever require this number in order to recover your Foldy Trailer, we’ll have it available for you. The VIN is stamped both on the chassis and tow arm and if removed with grinding tools, would leave significantly noticeable appearance to Foldy Trailers’ galvanised surface coating.

Finally, we strongly recommend you also purchase the Datatag™ Security System for £69.99 from Datatag™ directly. For your convenience, here is the link to their trailer security system.


Unlike most standard trailers, the Foldy trailer is highly customisable and can be specifically tailored for several different activities and jobs. Our expanding range of accessories can help with this. Currently, we offer you:

  • A garden cage shoould you be enthusiastic about home gardening and need that extra volume for garden foliage and the seasonal leaf disposal.
  • Sidewall extensions and a flat canvas cover kit if you wish to take the family and/or friends on a spontaneous camping get away.
  • A front side burden holder which will allow you to transport long items such as garden poles, fencing posts and large pipes.

All the Foldy accessories are designed with easy of use and simplicity in mind, so it is up to you what you want to use your Foldy Trailer for, simply by attaching the appropriate accessory to your Foldy Trailer.

All these products come with our standard 2-year manufacturers warranty, so you can be guaranteed to get a premium-quality product.

Additionally, we shall soon be launching a range of accessories for motorcycle, bicycle and kayak transport to complement our current range of Foldy accessories. Should you wish to have an accessory for your Foldy Trailer that is not yet mentioned here, please contact us so we can see how we can accommodate your needs.


With your Foldy Trailer safely and securely stored away, it only needs to be unfolded and readied for use at very short notice. Following the procedure set out in the user manual, you’ll be able to use your Foldy Trailer in a matter of minutes. Similarly, after using your Foldy Trailer, it can be folded up again in the same amount of time. The convenience of having the Foldy Trailer available whenever you need it, securely stored out of the way so that you can optimise your garage space for other purposes and being able to customise its function to your specific utility, is unmatched by any standard trailer on the market.

Quality Guaranteed

The Foldy Trailer comes standard with a two-year guarantee. Our standard warranty covers all-welded steel products and laser steel products. Your Foldy Trailer will be covered for two years from the date of purchase. This means you get two years peace of mind when using your trailer, and if anything goes wrong that is covered by our warranty statement, we shall have your Foldy trailer serviced and fixed in a timely manner.

The Foldy Trailer’s Value and Price

We are confident that the features and benefits offered by the Foldy trailer makes it the only personal car trailer on the market you should purchase. Furthermore, our pricing reflects a small premium for unmatched convenience for the Foldy’s unique function when matched against comparable competitor trailers in terms of quality and size. The following comparison table benchmarks the Foldy Trailer against its equivalent sized competitors. As you can see, The Foldy provides significant value over its competitors.

Disclaimer: The comparison table above does not pretend to be completed by an independent authority or product reviewer. We have tried to present the information in as unbiased manner as possible based on our own perception of what the consumer values in a trailer. In addition, we regard the models of competitor trailers selected as reasonably equivalent in terms of size and function, but the selection is certainly not exhaustive in terms of competitor offerings in the market. Therefore, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review competitor offerings to find the trailer that best fits your needs. Finally, the information sources used for this comparison are in the public domain and the following links are provided to you to help you with your own product research.

We took the information from:

If you have decided that a Foldy Trailer is the right trailer for you, then why not purchase one? Our Foldy trailer is rugged, durable and designed to be easily stored away. It’s customisable to meet your various functional needs. We are currently selling the Foldy Trailer for £990 including VAT, so why not buy one today.

We can deliver nationwide and shipping costs are calculated separately during the checkout process. Currently we maintain an inventory accessible to consumers at a warehouse in Hook, Hampshire for collection in person should you wish to choose this option.

As mentioned before, the Foldy Trailer comes standard with a 2-year guarantee from the date of purchase so you can be rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality product.

If you would like to find out more about how one of our Foldy Trailers will improve your day-to-day activities, then please do give us a call on 03300 100 580.


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