Warranty Statement

In addition to your statutory rights, Foldy products come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on allwelded steel, galvanized steel products and laser cut steel products. Certain accessories such as cargo restraints, bungy nets, ratchet straps and bungy cords, do not come with a two-year warranty. Details of the warranty statement can be found with the documentation accompanying your product. To benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on selected Foldy products, you are required to register.

All manufacturing defects will be resolved free of charge. However, there may be a fee if we determine the fault is not a manufacturing defect. In such cases, we will contact you before any charges are incurred to discuss your options. To make a warranty claim or request service, please contact our customer service.

For your convenience we have provided you with our generalwarranty statement for the Foldy trailer below. Please note, that the scope of warranty protection provided to you is limited to the version of the warranty statement that was shipped with your product. We make no representation that version of the warranty statement provided here is identical to the one you received with your product. You must refer to your original version of the warranty statement (generally located with the user manual) when requesting product support.

Should you have misplaced your user manual and warranty statement, our customer service will be able to provide you with an electronic copy of your version of the warranty statement when you provide them with your Foldy trailer vehicle identification number (VIN).

Foldy Trailer – General Warranty Statement

Your Foldy trailer comes with a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase directly from Dynovation LTD or another authorized reseller.

The warrantee may apply for potential claims during the 24-month warranty period
at either Dynovation LTD or directly from the manufacturer.

The warranty conditions require that the trailer be used only for purposes it has been constructed for (i.e. as a class O1 trailer) and as described in this user manual.

Warranty claims will not be accepted if the Foldy trailer has been damaged by improper storage or improper handling or other mechanical damage.

  • This warranty does not cover the trailer’s technical maintenance, its normal and mechanical depreciation, any damage caused by a lack of care, overloading and/or any other damage caused by the other factors such as:
  • Accidents
  • Modifications to the product outside the manufacturer or reseller’s workshop
  • Improper intervention during 3rd party repair
  • Mechanical or chemical damage of zinc and galvanized parts (and the like)

This warranty expires in the event the trailer is crashed, with exception of an accident caused by a provable trailer error, where the error was caused by changes in construction or improper interference of parts during construction by the manufacturer.

To make a warranty claim, you must provide the original purchase receipt/invoice from either Dynovation LTD or another authorised reseller. Should you have purchased the trailer indirectly from an unauthorised reseller, you must request a copy of the original receipt/invoice they received from either Dynovation LTD or another authorised reseller from whom you purchased the trailer from. Please note the start of the 24 month warranty period only applies from the date of purchase directly from either Dynovation LTD or another authorised reseller.

All warranty claims made to manufacturer, must be confirmed by either Dynovation LTD or another authorized reseller. Unconfirmed claims will be automatically regarded as is invalid.

Version 1.0 – Last Revision Date: 18/05/2018